I finally have the Brave browser installed, set up, and set as my default browser now with all my old stuff from Iron and Waterfox imported into it.  Also have the cryptowallet set up and verified with my WordPress blog and my YouTube and Twitch channels verified.

I’m not expecting to see any financial gain from it, but eh, can’t hurt.

It seems counter-intuitive or wasteful to see your doctor even when you’re not sick, or at least not feeling sick, however there are routine checkups and physicals that medical staff perform to make sure you’re not sick with something that you aren’t feeling symptoms of.  You might not even know you have lung cancer until they do an X-Ray of your chest.

Seeing your doctor regularly helps prevent you getting bad off and will help improve your overall health because you’re seeing the doctor for checkups to make sure your blood pressure, cholesterol, etc are all under control and making sure you have other areas of your health all peachy.

Just because you feel fine, doesn’t mean you are.  It’s also perfectly fine to talk to your PCP about your mental health, if you’re depressed, suicidal, seeing or hearing things that aren’t there, or letting them know you often forget things too easily, too easily distracted, etc.

Also tell your doctor about all medicines you’re taking, including all OTCs including yes even multivitamins, cold medicines, etc.  Also give your doctor the information about other professionals you see such as audiologists, ENT’s, surgeons, wound care, psychiatric, etc so they can get records from one another and help work together to make sure you have the best possible care and that they’re not giving you any medications that conflict negatively with one another.

And as I’ve mentioned before, keep a portfolio of everything.

jaydeep_ / Pixabay

Hello, my name is Glenn. You may likely already have figured out by my username CryptoDeaf that I’m into cryptocurrencies and tokens. There is a very strong reason behind this. If you look at alt-tech for sake of example, like Dlive, Vimm.tv, Steemit, Minds and so many others, they’re implementing cryptocurrencies in their backend and monetizing both the users and the site itself and making money to support the site and it’s operations and expansions, even as these sites grow rapidly due to varying exoduxes from bigger social media giants like the Taiwanese Exodus due to Facebook participating in handing over data of “troublesome citizens” to the government for punishment.

Minds, Dlive and all these other services utilize cryptocurrencies. They allow freedom of speech, including even pornographic content. I can literally flash my dick on camera or spank the monkey until completion or outright have sexual intercourse live and so long as the flag is appropriately marked, it’s A OK. I can even say outright offensive things, which is good for me being someone that suffers from paranoid schizophrenia sometimes I say things I can’t help but say, which is sad but true.

Then you have the dinosaur and missing link media. YouTube, Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn, Stumbleupon, Reddit, even CNN, MSNBC, ABC News, etc is considered dinosaur while sites like Buzzfeed, Wall Street Journal, Huffingtonpost, etc are considered missing link media. THe problem with every single one of the sites that are dinosaur or missing link media is that they rely heavily or solely on advertisement revenue, which puts them at the mercy of advertisement companies to say “We don’t want this speech or that speech on the platform, you must censor the hell out of all the things” and these sites will bow down to the financial pressure and do as they’re told.

If, for example, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc all went the route that Minds.com, Dlive.tv, D.Tube, Bit.Tube, and many others, they wouldn’t really require the ads being places. Everyone could monetize their content without any issue and furthermore, everyone would be able to have freedom of speech.

The advertisers objections would be secondary, this would give these dinosaur media companies in the tech giant industry the easy power to tell these advertisers “Hey, if you want the traffic, you pay extra, if you don’t like it, you can fuck right back to TV and newspaper print and see how well that works for you. When you’re ready to come back, the price will be even higher.”

This would allow everyone to monetize their content, regardless of how politically extreme their content is, and thusly allow the sites to support themselves, the creators to support themselves, to advertise their content on the sites in question to boost contents similar to how Minds.com does it and so on and so forth. Ads can and will be a thing of the past. A new internet is brewing, and the dinosaur and missing link media are afraid of it, that’s why they want to censor it. Instead, what they should be doing is embracing it and getting with the times.

I remember the old arguments about the MPAA and RIAA needing to get with the times back when Napster and Grokster were still a thing that was heavily used. Movie and music piracy was rampant, but the thing is that these piracy sites made it easier and more convenient to get the music and movies they wanted without all the extra bullshit. We can cut to the chase and watch the movie we want without 3 minutes of logos and ads. We can cut from the bullshit and listen only to the individual song we actually wanted and none of the rest. Then Steam came along and admitted outright that the reason for piracy is that piracy is a service issue, and when Steam came out releasing games making it easier to get them legally, piracy for games on Steam went down.

And what did we tell them repeatedly? Get with the times, stop sticking with legacy business models that don’t work, upgrade your business model to advance into the future. But now what is YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc of the big tech giants doing? Trying to drag us back into the past and stay in the past. Hell, YouTube is trying to incorporate cable TV hard as hell into their lineup and it’s pissing a lot of people off.

These companies need to embrace the future, they have the skill and the resources to do it, and thusly they should, and doing so they should embrace freedom of speech and get rid of all this bullshit about hate speech. Hate speech is free speech, if there is anyone working at these companies that dislikes this policy, they’re welcome to be fired and find another job in the real world where their precious feelings aren’t catered to. Hell my feelings aren’t catered to, so why should theirs? Fuck’em.

Implement crypto and implement free speech. Tell the advertisers that they want to adveritse they’re paying extra from now on and that you are making the demands.

We are the content creators of these sites and the viewers, if it weren’t for us, these companies wouldn’t have advertisers to begin with, let alone the traffic to try to entice them with. We’re the important ones on these sites, and it’s about god damn time the dinosaur media recognized us and valued us for what we are. We are their life blood and their bread and butter, not the advertisers. Without us, the sites will die a horrible death and vanish into the ether never to be spoken of again except in jest or in a bad joke.

Cryptocurrencies are the future, and so is freedom of speech. You can’t stop it, so stop trying. Embrace it and get with the future.

kmicican / Pixabay (How you’re going to feel after 30 minutes of training your software)

Having a hearing disability or vision disability is tough enough on it’s own.  However, due to having residual hearing and being able to benefit from hearing aids (though not perfect) many people disbelieve the notion that I’m deaf and blind.

There’s the common misconception that all blind people see nothing and all deaf people hear absolutely nothing, just pure pitch blackness and pure silence.  However, that’s not really the case.  While it’s true some blind people see absolutely nothing and some deaf people live in complete silence, it’s not true for everyone.  Some blind can see and some deaf can hear.

I know that sounds like a contradiction, but it’s not, hear me out here for a moment.  Being legally blind means you can’t see that top most letter on an eye chart at a specific distance from it.  This doesn’t mean you can’t see at all though.  For me that E looks like it could be an F or a B or even a D, it’s hard to tell, but I know it’s an E, it’s always an E.

Likewise with being deaf, it’s not just pure silence, though it can be.  Deaf people can have some hearing, much like with the deaf person that can still somewhat see.  Without my glasses I can’t see very well and legally blind, with my glasses my vision is close to 20/20.  Likewise with my hearing, without my hearing aids, I don’t hear women and children, nor little yappy dogs, birds singing, the sound of the microwave, running water, the toilet flushing, the sound of a toilet seat slamming, doorbells, door knocks, phones ringing, bells, etc.  However I do hear deep tones, bass and the vowels of most men’s voices.

Often people will think I’m not blind because I can still navigate about without my glasses without the need of a white cane.  People also think I’m not deaf because I notice when someone is speaking when I’m not looking at them or that I react to loud noises and bangs.

Just because I can hear a loud crash or a gunshot, doesn’t mean I’m not deaf.  Just because I can still see without my glasses, doesn’t mean I’m not blind.

It’s far too typical for a lot of people to think the deaf hear nothing and the blind see nothing.  Again, it is true for some deafs and some blind, but it’s not true for all of us.

RyanMcGuire / Pixabay

I strongly dislike speaking because I worry about how I sound, though it doesn’t stop me from making videos and livestreams.  I mean I dislike speaking mainly in public.  The reason being is that there are far too many people that don’t realize I’m deaf until I tell them, and that’s usually after they get annoyed with me thinking that I’m ignoring them.  When I resort to telling them to “pardon my death stare, I’m deaf” for the lip reading aspect, I usually get various comments like the ones below.

  • You can’t be deaf, you speak too well
  • Deaf people can’t talk
  • How are you able to talk then?
  • Wow, you speak exceptionally well for a deaf person

And the list goes on and on.  The point is, I’ve been through years of speech therapy to train me how to speak properly.  It’s not something that happened overnight.  I know, crazy ain’t it?  That’s what I had to go through being a mainstreamed deaf trained in the dark arts of oralism.

I’m thankful for knowing how to speak properly.  I am able to switch to my deaf accent by simply not thinking so much on the words that I speak which is easier on me, but overall being able to speak has opened so many doors for me in my social life and has allowed me to be partnered with a wonderful person who I love dearly, have friends that crack jokes and enjoy company with.  My life is rich.

Just the main downside are people that disbelieve I’m deaf just because I can speak well.  I only reveal that I’m deaf to people so they don’t get pissed off for me “ignoring” them and to get them to not turn mid sentence or cover their mouth when they’re talking.

geralt / Pixabay

This comes up on account that I was asked how I manage to edit videos without the use of sound.  I’ve stated before that with audio I have assistance of online friends that check it out for me and give me advice on what needs to be done with the audio, including helping me pick background music and the like, but when it comes to video itself, how do I manage to edit it?

Just like everyone else really, the difference is that while someone that can hear normally is able to have audible cues to tell you when and where to cut and what to splice together, I utilize visual aids in order to know the same things.

In my raw footage, even if I’m doing a first person POV recording, I will have a hand sign in front of the camera so I know what to chop, where each scene begins and ends, which take of a particular scene I’m viewing, etc.

This isn’t that different from that clacker board thing you see in professional video/movie production, just instead of a board with numbers and whatnot on it, I use basic handsigns that I understand to tell me what is what.  These hand signs are not ASL, nor are they BSL, they’re a custom home signing that I personally use and haven’t taught anyone.  This would be confusing for someone else editing the vdeos for me and if I were to hire a professional editor I would simply just end up changing from my unique home signs to something more mainstreamed such as an audio cue at the very least.

Hope that helps in understanding how I go about it.  My software of choice for editing videos is Kdenlive, however if I have to add special effects, my go to is Lightworks.  My editor changes largely depending on the needs of editing.

Pexels / Pixabay

Of course this comes from the perspective of a deaf guy, and you might ask “But if you’re deaf, then how the hell would you know if music today sucks or not?” well it sure as hell sucks bad enough that even I can tell it sucks, so sit down and take a minute.

Truth be told I can hear to a degree, as with a lot of deafs, I have residual hearing.  I can enjoy low tones and pitches and can hear a good amount of the vowels from most men.  And yes I had to say most men as some men seem quite content with themselves sounding like Vitas when he’s screaming, thus making it so I can’t really catch what they say all too much if at all.

(This 24 minute Vitas meme has more rich sounds than the average song in the music industry)

You’ll notice though that with most music today, even the lyrics are just as repetitive as the beat itself.  So when I’m mostly looking for something that feels good with conduction headphones, and tickling what bit I can hear out of fancy because I do enjoy hearing what I can, music today is no different than a 24 minute loop of Vitas doing the same thing over and over again.

Modern music has a 3 to 5 second beat that doesn’t change through the entire song and the vocals, and yes I can tell without lyrics on screen that the vocals are horse shit too, it’s all the same.  Is your CD on repeat?  You can’t tell!

Music from the 1950’s – 1990’s were some of the best music.  Though I will admit from what I can tell musical talent peaked around 1955-1960 and gradually went downhill from there getting progressively worse and overall samey as time went on.  Even the millennial whoop is annoying as hell to me.  “Ohohoohohohohhohoooh” like god damn you having an orgasm in the microphone keep that on pornhub and xtube I mean DAMN!

You can have rich music with a variety of sounds from numerous instruments, even digital.  Even Skrillex who thinks Mac is a musical instrument comprehends this to a degree.  It’s one thing to have a consistent beat, it’s another to have a non-stop looping of a 3 second clip playing over and over.  And another thing entirely to have that 3 second loop with repetitive lyrics.

Seriously how many times does one need to say Gucci Gang in one freaking song?

(The award for the weakest vocabulary goes to ….)

Seriously, there is absolutely zero passion in that song what so ever from this artist.  If you can even consider this an artist, I sure as hell really don’t.  And it’s not just him.

“Cmon cmon” and even the whoop is in this, yes I can tell, that’s how bad it is.  “Ohhhoohhhohhhhhhhhh, my body’s saying let’s go.  Ohhhohhhohhhhh, but my heart is sayin’ no” and I’m also saying no to this song, begone thot!

Now I do understand having a chorus that repeats itself, my problem comes when the chorus appears the be the whole song or the vast majority of it.  Then there’s Christina’s “Genie in a bottle” music itself, it too is nothing more than a loop with no differentiation.  It’s not got any good depth to it and is samey all throughout the piece.  And this is a “hit” somehow.

The music industry has lost it’s flair.  It’s lost it so bad that even I can tell.  When the deaf is telling you that your music blows goats, it’s probably time to have some introspection and improve.  It’s not piracy killing the music industry, the music industry is killing the music industry.  Your music sucks.

quimuns / Pixabay

It’s amazing how often I actually get that specific statement “Deaf people can’t speak!” or “You can’t be deaf, you talk!”  This is sorely a myth.  Only 20% of the deaf population rely solely on signing, never saying a verbal word in their life.  The remaining 80% of the deaf population do, in fact, speak.  My preference in communication is verbally with my voice.

You can clearly hear me speaking in even my video on reviewing the Britzo hearing aid system in which I’m speaking using a crappy microphone.  I’m deaf and have been deaf since very early in my childhood.  Granted initially school administrators thought I was literally just retarded and put me in special ed initially in kindergarten only for the special ed teacher to inform them “This kid isn’t retarded, he just can’t hear.”  Thus the speech therapy classes were started that would last for 7 years from that point.

I can speak well and articulate my words with proper enunciation and often focus on what I’m saying so I don’t “sound deaf”.  I have a problem in which I am personally always worried about how I sound.  Generally this results in me not speaking in a lot of cases unless I absolutely have to.

thisismyurl / Pixabay

And yes, I am able to sign, it’s not my language of preference though.  I was mainstreamed, and most of my friends including even my husband are all hearing or hard of hearing.  I don’t bother teaching them how to sign unless they ask me how to sign something specifically, with the exception of this one roommate who wants to learn to sign for reasons of having a second language and being unable to find a class nearby.

Generally, though, I find things more accessible to me to speak using my voice.  There are rare instances in which I’ll go mute, but to save on confusion I don’t sign in those cases.  What I do instead like when I go into a gas station by myself, I’ll type on my phone in a note that reads, “I am deaf, I need $20 in gas on pump 3.” and communication problems averted.

Every so often, I run into someone working that knows basic signing.  Enough to tell me my total and say thank you usually.  In some very rare cases, I run into someone I can call fluent in signing and they bust it out.  Some hearies think it’s offensive to just suddenly start signing when they learn someone is deaf, but trust me, it’s really not.  It’s no different really from having a hispanic customer with limited and broken English and you suddenly just speaking Spanish to help the customer out.

Clker-Free-Vector-Images / Pixabay

Well, I say there’s no difference, but the difference in reality is I do know English.  So why do I go mute from time to time?  Even with hearing aids, communicating verbally with someone is very stressful, and it’s exhausting over extended periods of time.  So it’s literally easier on me mentally to not have to pay that much extreme attention to detail just to communicate with someone when I can get by with less stress just passing my phone back and forth if I absolutely have to communicate in those cases.

It doesn’t mean I can’t speak.  The problem, though, with using my voice isn’t just me worrying about how I sound.  It’s also that ugly myth that keeps rearing it’s ugly head “Deaf people can’t speak”.  People learn I’m deaf and assume that I can’t be deaf because I can verbally articulate what I want to say.  I know this myth comes from two different sources.  Popular entertainment media and Deaf Culture.  In Deaf Culture it’s taboo for a deafie to use hearing aids or to have cochlear implants and it’s just as taboo to use your voice even if you know how to with or without a deaf accent.  You’ll be “Not deaf enough” for that crowd.  So that group itself perpetuates the myth.  “If you speak, you can’t be deaf” because those involved in Deaf Culture insist that deaf people don’t speak and must rely solely on signing.

TheDigitalArtist / Pixabay

Just don’t believe the myth is what I’m getting at.  Just because someone can articulate and enunciate well, doesn’t mean they aren’t deaf, they very well could be.  They could’ve had low hearing and gotten worse with age, or they were deafened later in life for some reason (and there are multitudes of ways you can go deaf, by disease and by accidents and on purpose).

At The Rim (ATR) responded even to my blog post on listening to music as a deaf person titled “Falling on Deaf Ears” and you can read that on his blog.  He was deafened later in life, he can speak and sign (BSL) and has much the same issues I have with Deaf Culture across the pond in the UK.  In his response to my “Falling on Deaf Ears” article, he states, in brief here, that he was deafened later in life, knows what sound and music is and all its intricacies (so do I as a vague memory in my youth) and now avoids things like sound systems and equipment because it’s stressful and depressing.  We’re not all alike and this is worth mentioning.

OpenClipart-Vectors / Pixabay

My point is, I’m not the only deaf that can speak.  There’s actually a lot of us that can and do.  Even the deaf YouTuber Rikki Poynter speaks with her voice when she’s not trying to cozy up to Deaf Culture that hates her guts for the crime of using her voice.

Rikki Poynter has a deaf accent when she speaks.  I do not.  She can’t hide in plain sight, I sure as hell can and have for a good long time.

But at least, now you know.  Coincidentally, I can also sing.

TheDigitalArtist / Pixabay

When I go to theaters I turn my listening devices off because the theater is far, far too loud in the noises that I can hear.  A loud boom or explosion can hurt my ears.  And like with any movie theater in the back woods of Alabama, the theater doesn’t have subtitles in the movies nor closed captioning devices.  The others in my party can enjoy it with the sound while I miss a hell of a lot.  Being the fan of horror almost to a fetish, this is my take on Don’t Breathe on first impressions.

It starts out with this group of early 20’s adults that break into peoples houses and just steal stuff but for some reason decide to only steal so much rather than robbing the house blind, which I think would’ve been the smart move if you’re robbing someone already.  They target houses because one dude does this thing with a computer that has information about a home security company.

They find information about this blind guy that has a good chunk of money, and break into his house after googling his address.  They take off their shoes for some reason and walk around the place trying to avoid the blind guy.  Turns out the blind guy has a rape dungeon.

EvgeniT / Pixabay (Welcome to the rape dungeon, would you like cum with that?)

Chick already tied up in the rape dungeon tugs on some cord that rings a bell alerting the blind guy that she’s fussing around so he goes down to the rape dungeon and just shoots her because he can’t stand her making so much noise.

Blind guy eventually catches the female house robber and ties her up and then gets force fed his baby juice from a turkey baster.  Dude robber helps free chick robber.  They go for the money and try to leave, dude robber gets wrecked by blind guy.  Both males are now dead leaving chick and blind dude.

Chick ends up wrecking blind dude and leaves him for dead and escapes.  Blind dude somehow survived and police didn’t end up finding the blind mans rape dungeon somehow.

Was it a good movie?  Not really.  I strongly disliked how the bad guys (the robbers) had the attempt to make them out to being good guys by making the blind guy a crazy dude with a rape dungeon.  This movie would have been better if they removed the rape dungeon and just made it a survival horror trapped in the blind guys house trying to escape with or without the money just to save their lives.

PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay (How I see the characters introduced in the Aliens series)

By the time the movie whipped out the rape dungeon, I was rooting more for everyone in the house to die mutually rather than rooting for any particular group so thus killed any suspense the movie originally had.  It’s like watching Alien Resurrection in which they try to introduce all these various characters and their personalities when in reality we’re just getting a sneak peek at the buffet.

stevepb / Pixabay

It’s a common question and I can understand why it’s asked. Many people who can hear perfectly fine or are just hard of hearing even will ask a deaf person like myself “Do you enjoy music?” or “Are you able to enjoy music?” and the answer to that question is actually yes, I can enjoy music and I often do enjoy music.  I just enjoy it differently than you would.

While you would enjoy listening to the various tones of the sounds that your brain interprets I do similar involving the vibrations of the music.  Things like conduction headphones work wonders in this regard as it allows me to be able to feel the music far better than I could without them and without the need for a big speaker that would disturb others who can hear in my household.

Free-Photos / Pixabay

Sure I can’t really catch all if any of the vocals in the music but I can enjoy the instruments playing and the varying ways they make different vibrations for me to enjoy.  If you go to a concert with a loud stereo system to compensate for a very huge crowd, do not be surprised to learn that deafies are way up front towards the speakers jamming out.  This allows us to feel the music since we can’t really listen to it to enjoy the sounds.

This, however, allows me to enjoy the music and be able to dance with the beat.  Granted there are deafs with cochlear implants that can bluetooth into a music system and hear the music in their head and can better enjoy the music in a similar way that a hearing person would.  But just because they have a CI doesn’t mean they’re suddenly hearing or hard of hearing, they’re still actually deaf.  Without their processor they hear nothing.

So if you have a deaf friend, don’t be afraid to ask if they would like to jam out to some tunes.  We might even suggest an artist alongside saying “Hell yeah”. 🙂