Treating your Hearing Loss is expensive

It doesn’t have to be, quite frankly, it’s cheaper for insurance providers and even the governments themselves to provide hearing aids and cochlear implants than it is to not treat it and have to deal with all the other issues that arise from untreated hearing loss.  One such case being issues involving safety but also dementia.

Treating hearing loss allows for the hearing disabled to be able to work, and provide themselves with gainful employment allows for us to have a sense of self worth and fulfillment.

Other benefits include not being ostracized from our friends and family, slowly but surely losing family and friends due to it being too difficult to communicate with us.  Social isolation.  Loneliness is a terrible thing to have to deal with and one of the things so many of the elderly have to deal with, largely in part due to hearing loss.  The young with hearing loss experience the same social isolation.

This is largely why I’m on social media so much, it’s easier for me to communicate with others and make friends.  It shouldn’t have to be like this.  I should have proper hearing treatment so that I can go to social gatherings and get togethers and enjoy social situations rather than dread them and avoid them.

I know lots of audiologists want to say that treating your hearing loss isn’t expensive, but the reality is, it freaking is expensive.  Any audiologist or ENT that tells you that treating your hearing loss is affordable is either out of touch with reality or is simply lying to you.

Professional grade hearing aids without Real Ear Measurements done on them are $2700 a pair, my insurance only covers $1400.  Not to mention the $20 per visit and they want me to visit often which I say screw that noise.  I’m not made of money to spend $80 a month on office visits plus payments on overpriced hearing aids that aren’t fit properly for my hearing loss prescription.

This is why I use the over the counter stuff from Britzgo and they’re cheap enough that I can afford multiple pairs to have reviewed on my YouTube channel.  It’s literally that cheap.  It’s not proper treatment, but at least it’s something and it does help a ton.  And I get the same benefit from them as I do those trial hearing aids I had, they sound the same, so what’s the point in spending thousands when I can spend a couple hundred?

That’s where I’m at at this point in my life.

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