Cryptocurrency is the future of social media

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Hello, my name is Glenn. You may likely already have figured out by my username CryptoDeaf that I’m into cryptocurrencies and tokens. There is a very strong reason behind this. If you look at alt-tech for sake of example, like Dlive,, Steemit, Minds and so many others, they’re implementing cryptocurrencies in their backend and monetizing both the users and the site itself and making money to support the site and it’s operations and expansions, even as these sites grow rapidly due to varying exoduxes from bigger social media giants like the Taiwanese Exodus due to Facebook participating in handing over data of “troublesome citizens” to the government for punishment.

Minds, Dlive and all these other services utilize cryptocurrencies. They allow freedom of speech, including even pornographic content. I can literally flash my dick on camera or spank the monkey until completion or outright have sexual intercourse live and so long as the flag is appropriately marked, it’s A OK. I can even say outright offensive things, which is good for me being someone that suffers from paranoid schizophrenia sometimes I say things I can’t help but say, which is sad but true.

Then you have the dinosaur and missing link media. YouTube, Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn, Stumbleupon, Reddit, even CNN, MSNBC, ABC News, etc is considered dinosaur while sites like Buzzfeed, Wall Street Journal, Huffingtonpost, etc are considered missing link media. THe problem with every single one of the sites that are dinosaur or missing link media is that they rely heavily or solely on advertisement revenue, which puts them at the mercy of advertisement companies to say “We don’t want this speech or that speech on the platform, you must censor the hell out of all the things” and these sites will bow down to the financial pressure and do as they’re told.

If, for example, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc all went the route that,, D.Tube, Bit.Tube, and many others, they wouldn’t really require the ads being places. Everyone could monetize their content without any issue and furthermore, everyone would be able to have freedom of speech.

The advertisers objections would be secondary, this would give these dinosaur media companies in the tech giant industry the easy power to tell these advertisers “Hey, if you want the traffic, you pay extra, if you don’t like it, you can fuck right back to TV and newspaper print and see how well that works for you. When you’re ready to come back, the price will be even higher.”

This would allow everyone to monetize their content, regardless of how politically extreme their content is, and thusly allow the sites to support themselves, the creators to support themselves, to advertise their content on the sites in question to boost contents similar to how does it and so on and so forth. Ads can and will be a thing of the past. A new internet is brewing, and the dinosaur and missing link media are afraid of it, that’s why they want to censor it. Instead, what they should be doing is embracing it and getting with the times.

I remember the old arguments about the MPAA and RIAA needing to get with the times back when Napster and Grokster were still a thing that was heavily used. Movie and music piracy was rampant, but the thing is that these piracy sites made it easier and more convenient to get the music and movies they wanted without all the extra bullshit. We can cut to the chase and watch the movie we want without 3 minutes of logos and ads. We can cut from the bullshit and listen only to the individual song we actually wanted and none of the rest. Then Steam came along and admitted outright that the reason for piracy is that piracy is a service issue, and when Steam came out releasing games making it easier to get them legally, piracy for games on Steam went down.

And what did we tell them repeatedly? Get with the times, stop sticking with legacy business models that don’t work, upgrade your business model to advance into the future. But now what is YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc of the big tech giants doing? Trying to drag us back into the past and stay in the past. Hell, YouTube is trying to incorporate cable TV hard as hell into their lineup and it’s pissing a lot of people off.

These companies need to embrace the future, they have the skill and the resources to do it, and thusly they should, and doing so they should embrace freedom of speech and get rid of all this bullshit about hate speech. Hate speech is free speech, if there is anyone working at these companies that dislikes this policy, they’re welcome to be fired and find another job in the real world where their precious feelings aren’t catered to. Hell my feelings aren’t catered to, so why should theirs? Fuck’em.

Implement crypto and implement free speech. Tell the advertisers that they want to adveritse they’re paying extra from now on and that you are making the demands.

We are the content creators of these sites and the viewers, if it weren’t for us, these companies wouldn’t have advertisers to begin with, let alone the traffic to try to entice them with. We’re the important ones on these sites, and it’s about god damn time the dinosaur media recognized us and valued us for what we are. We are their life blood and their bread and butter, not the advertisers. Without us, the sites will die a horrible death and vanish into the ether never to be spoken of again except in jest or in a bad joke.

Cryptocurrencies are the future, and so is freedom of speech. You can’t stop it, so stop trying. Embrace it and get with the future.

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