Modern Music Sucks!

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Of course this comes from the perspective of a deaf guy, and you might ask “But if you’re deaf, then how the hell would you know if music today sucks or not?” well it sure as hell sucks bad enough that even I can tell it sucks, so sit down and take a minute.

Truth be told I can hear to a degree, as with a lot of deafs, I have residual hearing.  I can enjoy low tones and pitches and can hear a good amount of the vowels from most men.  And yes I had to say most men as some men seem quite content with themselves sounding like Vitas when he’s screaming, thus making it so I can’t really catch what they say all too much if at all.

(This 24 minute Vitas meme has more rich sounds than the average song in the music industry)

You’ll notice though that with most music today, even the lyrics are just as repetitive as the beat itself.  So when I’m mostly looking for something that feels good with conduction headphones, and tickling what bit I can hear out of fancy because I do enjoy hearing what I can, music today is no different than a 24 minute loop of Vitas doing the same thing over and over again.

Modern music has a 3 to 5 second beat that doesn’t change through the entire song and the vocals, and yes I can tell without lyrics on screen that the vocals are horse shit too, it’s all the same.  Is your CD on repeat?  You can’t tell!

Music from the 1950’s – 1990’s were some of the best music.  Though I will admit from what I can tell musical talent peaked around 1955-1960 and gradually went downhill from there getting progressively worse and overall samey as time went on.  Even the millennial whoop is annoying as hell to me.  “Ohohoohohohohhohoooh” like god damn you having an orgasm in the microphone keep that on pornhub and xtube I mean DAMN!

You can have rich music with a variety of sounds from numerous instruments, even digital.  Even Skrillex who thinks Mac is a musical instrument comprehends this to a degree.  It’s one thing to have a consistent beat, it’s another to have a non-stop looping of a 3 second clip playing over and over.  And another thing entirely to have that 3 second loop with repetitive lyrics.

Seriously how many times does one need to say Gucci Gang in one freaking song?

(The award for the weakest vocabulary goes to ….)

Seriously, there is absolutely zero passion in that song what so ever from this artist.  If you can even consider this an artist, I sure as hell really don’t.  And it’s not just him.

“Cmon cmon” and even the whoop is in this, yes I can tell, that’s how bad it is.  “Ohhhoohhhohhhhhhhhh, my body’s saying let’s go.  Ohhhohhhohhhhh, but my heart is sayin’ no” and I’m also saying no to this song, begone thot!

Now I do understand having a chorus that repeats itself, my problem comes when the chorus appears the be the whole song or the vast majority of it.  Then there’s Christina’s “Genie in a bottle” music itself, it too is nothing more than a loop with no differentiation.  It’s not got any good depth to it and is samey all throughout the piece.  And this is a “hit” somehow.

The music industry has lost it’s flair.  It’s lost it so bad that even I can tell.  When the deaf is telling you that your music blows goats, it’s probably time to have some introspection and improve.  It’s not piracy killing the music industry, the music industry is killing the music industry.  Your music sucks.

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