Falling on Deaf Ears

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It’s a common question and I can understand why it’s asked. Many people who can hear perfectly fine or are just hard of hearing even will ask a deaf person like myself “Do you enjoy music?” or “Are you able to enjoy music?” and the answer to that question is actually yes, I can enjoy music and I often do enjoy music.  I just enjoy it differently than you would.

While you would enjoy listening to the various tones of the sounds that your brain interprets I do similar involving the vibrations of the music.  Things like conduction headphones work wonders in this regard as it allows me to be able to feel the music far better than I could without them and without the need for a big speaker that would disturb others who can hear in my household.

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Sure I can’t really catch all if any of the vocals in the music but I can enjoy the instruments playing and the varying ways they make different vibrations for me to enjoy.  If you go to a concert with a loud stereo system to compensate for a very huge crowd, do not be surprised to learn that deafies are way up front towards the speakers jamming out.  This allows us to feel the music since we can’t really listen to it to enjoy the sounds.

This, however, allows me to enjoy the music and be able to dance with the beat.  Granted there are deafs with cochlear implants that can bluetooth into a music system and hear the music in their head and can better enjoy the music in a similar way that a hearing person would.  But just because they have a CI doesn’t mean they’re suddenly hearing or hard of hearing, they’re still actually deaf.  Without their processor they hear nothing.

So if you have a deaf friend, don’t be afraid to ask if they would like to jam out to some tunes.  We might even suggest an artist alongside saying “Hell yeah”. 🙂

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