Where are all the good men?

I ran across a YouTube video of a deaf lady and she was upset.  Why was she upset?  Obviously the title of this entry gives it away clear as day, but depending on which side of the isle you’re on, you’ll see this obvious giveaway in one way or another.  This isle, of course, is the gender divide.  She initially started out by stating that she was talking with her best friend and named him, yes, a “him”.  The issue was is that she’d go on all these “Dating Sites” and she has to sort through so many messages from numerous men contacting her for either NSA hookup sex, to dates, to whatever and yet she systematically goes through each and every single guy and can’t find a guy she’s interested in because of her list of demands.  And it’s quite the extensive laundry list.

The guy for her must be the following.

  • Be good looking
  • Be over 6 feet tall
  • Like to travel
  • Know ASL fluently
  • Be Deaf or Deaf friendly (And yes she emphasized further on Deaf with a capital D for deaf culture)
  • Enjoy traveling and seeing the world
  • Enjoy fine dining
  • Be intelligent
  • Be a gentleman
  • Dress nice
  • Be romantic
  • Be a good dancer
  • Must make me laugh
  • Be handy around the home
  • Must own a car that doesn’t have any blemishes (she literally mentioned this)
  • Must own a house, no renters, no apartments, no duplexes
  • Must be spontaneous and adventurous

So aside from the fact that she has a guy that’s orbiting her and wanting to break himself off a piece, she looks through all these various men, including men that want to date rather than just a one off night of sex and systematically rejects every single solitary one of them due to her criteria.  Her laundry list of demands.

Here’s the list of what guys are generally looking for.

  • Be attractive (to me)
  • Be young (18+) (or my age)
  • Don’t be a pain in my ass
Total Recall
Most guys don’t know where to begin.

Guys don’t generally care if you own a car, own your own house, don’t care if you can dance, don’t care if you’re like Albert Einstein with breasts, hell most guys even overlook the fact that you have a very pronounced deaf accent.  Heck I even know dudes who don’t have a problem of a gal has a third boob or happens to be missing one being either normal, the chick from Total Recall or the chick from Kung Pow.

Kung pow one boob lady
Most guys would still date her regardless.

The problem is this deaf gal has her standards set extraordinarily high for someone that lives off Social Security Disability in a small studio apartment.  So how likely is it that she’ll become a deaf spinster?  Let’s go through her own criteria and destroy it.

The first set was “Be good looking” or in other words, be attractive towards her.  First let’s look at how men view women in regards to attractiveness.

Men, in general, view most women to be about average at worst with ugly and super hot being a minority.

Now let’s look at how women view men in regards to attractiveness.

Clearly women, in general, find most men not even average, but rather, unattractive with a small minority being even medium to smoking hot.

So assuming she’s looking for someone that’s at least medium on the lower end of the medium side, we’re looking at roughly 15% of the total human population remaining in her dating pool.

Now she wants someone that’s over 6 feet tall.  Thats 14.5%, and it’s not safe to assume that all the 15% of being in the attractive range for her is a part of this figure, we’ll get to that.

So she wants also someone that likes to travel, enjoys fine dining, being romantic, owning a nice car and a nice house with more rooms than she currently needs herself on top of being able to just go out and do something on a whim.  This is someone with a lot of money.

So with most women finding Fortune 500 CEO’s as only being 22% o them attractive, and only 58% of all those CEO’s being over 6 feet in height, and taking into account the statistics on wealthy people who are capable of these requirements overall, she’s looking at roughly 1.4% of the entire male population.

BUT remember, the guy must be fluent in ASL, remember?  That 1.4% of the male population shrinks dramatically to 0.013% of the male population.

So you want to know where all the good men are?  It’s simple mathematics.  Your problem isn’t men, your problem is you and your demands.  You have unrealistic expectations.  You’re not even chasing after the top 1%, let alone the top 5%.  You’re chasing after the top 0.013% and these guys can practically bag themselves any woman they want.  Hell these guys most likely even have celebrities over for a game of poker every Friday evening and have the ability to hire strippers to dance on the tables while they play and smoke fine cigars.  These guys are rich enough the cops knock on their door and go “Oh, it’s just you, sorry to bother you” and step over the bloody corpse of a freshly murdered hobo as they get back in their cars and drive off.

Your expectations of men are highly unrealistic and you should do some introspection on yourself to realize it’s not men that’s the problem, it’s you and you alone.  And likewise, if you don’t change your expectations and settle like men have had to settle throughout history, you’re seriously going to wind up by yourself, alone, probably with cats.

Let me help you with your list.

  • ……

Seriously, just tell that best friend of yours that you mentioned earlier that you like him, give him a kiss and tell him you’d like to go out.  You’ll be much happier.

In fact, I’m going to let someone that used to be a dude that transitioned into being a chick tell you like it is after she ran into a similar article online.  I have it figured you, most men have it figured out, and this woman also has it figured out, so seriously WTF is wrong with you?  I think what you really need to ask yourself is.  What are you bringing to the relationship other than your problems, your debts and your vagina?  Anything of substance?

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