No picnic for the Hard of Hearing either

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When you have some hearing loss but not to the severity that I have it, you’re considered hard of hearing by an audiologist.  However, that’s not to say that it’s a cakewalk for someone that’s mild to moderate in regards to being hard of hearing.  Any hearing impairment at all significantly makes life in a world of noise that much harder in degrees harder than those with less hearing loss or even those with perfect hearing.

A big part of the problem with those that are having issues with hearing loss is they’ll be in a conversation with someone one on one and will think they hear a word completely different from what was actually said.  This happens with me as well with being a mild deaf.  My residual hearing will make it sound like someone has said something completely perverted when it’s not the case at all.  More so for me than it would be for a HoH person though, but the struggle is similar.

The hard of hearing person may mishear one or two words per sentence which by itself can make a thought sound incoherent at best.  Even worse for the HoH is even if someone isn’t mumbling, it’ll surely sound like mumbling.

A big deal with these people is when they ask someone to speak more clearly, most people end up speaking louder, which doesn’t typically help.  It does sometimes, but most times it still sounds mumbled.  The best approach is to slow down your speech a touch and focus on enunciating your words clearly.

Hearing person, “So I went out to the store to buy some deer and got back in my fuck and cooled off”

HoH person, “I’m sorry, what?”

Hearing person speaking more clearly by enunciating his words “So I went out to the store to buy some beer and got back in my truck and drove off”

Hearing Person speaking the same just louder “I SAID I went out to the whore to try to some deer and dude black in my fuck and dozed off!”

Enjoy the example.  Maybe you’ve got a chuckle out of it.  But it’s a reality for so many people that can’t properly hear.  This is far more an issue with the Hard of Hearing leaving their hearing loss untreated because things like hearing aids are so damn expensive.

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