Is deaf accessible?

geralt / Pixabay, wonderful little streaming platform, and honestly I got to say that I enjoy using them in order to do my livestreams and uploading videos.  I think it certainly beats YouTube considering their latest fiasco, among other social media sites also participating in the same form of blatant censorship.  However I was on BitChute prior to this as well and I’ve noticed a striking issue with even that particular site, in that much of my livestreams where I’m doing a long let’s play, just won’t upload, maybe it has something to do with the filesize.  Small videos are fine, big ones are not it seems.  Minds, well they have an issue involving a 15 minute time limit on videos so that also doesn’t work.

You can follow me on DLive as the username @outtheshellvlog for those interested.

However when it comes to watching content on DLive, it’s generally the livestreams themselves that are more accessible than the videos.  Most content creators aren’t going to close caption their videos, even on YouTube and the autocaptions on YouTube are garbage. If you think they’re fine, go to a video and mute it and just use the autocaptions and see if you can follow along with WTF is going on.

However, even though playback content isn’t very accessible, the streamers themselves seem to be more than happy to make it accessible during their livestream.  Not all of them are going to be willing to do this of course, but I’ve had several so far being more than willing to pause the game and actually type in their chat when they wanted to respond to something I said or wanting to take a smoke break and chat with me for a moment, which I thought was exceptionally cool.

So DLive itself, and Minds… and BitChute, and tons of other video services, including yes even Twitch, are inaccessible for the deaf when it comes to video content.  The key difference is in people willing to take the time to chat with you in the live chat, or in some cases (depending on context) willing to type out a briefing of what was said in a video.  And so far, on Minds and DLive, the people have been more than willing to help out and they’ve all been super lovely about it.

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