Deaf is Disabled

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I really dislike it when people keep coming up with new terms that are supposed to be “offensive” or to mitigate offence. Especially in the deaf community. The terms diabled or hearing impaired are considered offensive today whereas when I was growing up, hearing impaired and hearing disabled were politically correct and nicer things to say than deaf.

Truth of the matter is, I get deaf people from time to time telling me how it’s offensive that I talk about deafness as a form of a disability rather than as a culture, but that’s the thing, I was born hard of hearing and was mainstreamed since. And yes I can sign and learning ASL, it doesn’t mean I’m any less disabled than before. I’m not entrenched in deaf culture, I’m mainstreamed. I’ve never been a part of Deaf Culture and honestly every time I’ve tried I’ve felt alienated because of the cult like mentality of it.

When speaking of deafness as a disability, I’m able to discuss the needs of the deaf for accessibility and talk about the challenges we face in a hearing world, this allows me to get mutual respect, understanding and acceptance and overall makes my life easier. Even going as far as describing deaf with the lowercase D versus Deaf with an uppercase D is quite confusing for the hearing. And honestly calling deafness a culture also doesn’t help us nor do us any favors.

But in order for the hearing to be able to give us the support we want and need, they have to be able to call it something, and getting butthurt about the name isn’t going to help us any. Fuck your feelings and get over it. Culture isn’t a need, it’s merely a preference. Support however is a need, but your culture? Doesn’t require support.

Think about it, how often is “deaf” touched on in regards to discussions about the disabled? It’s because most disability groups and networks have lost interest in us in large part due to Deaf Culture cultists that have constantly nagged them to death that we’re not disabled and it’s our culture blah blah blah which ends up hurting folks like myself in the end. Because low and behold guess what nimrod? Maybe you don’t actually speak for everyone that’s deaf! *Le gasp* could it be we deaf people aren’t a fucking hive mind and have individual needs and preferences and opinions and ideas and thoughts and cultures and all that?

We’re deaf, and yes we’re disabled. If we weren’t disabled then how come we use the ever living hell out of disability payments, welfare and various other forms of support compared against say, an amputee?

When another deaf person is talking about deafness as a disability, maybe instead of trying to speak for them and tell them how they’re wrong because muh culture, how about you let them speak for themselves because they have a different experience in life than you. You need to face the facts that some of us lost our hearing later in life, and some of us weren’t as privileged as you to be raised signing and chest deep in a culture geared entirely around the disability.

What’s the term feminists use a lot? Oh, right. Check your privilege. Some of us, myself included, would give our left nut to hear properly. I don’t give two shits if you think it’s not a disbability and I don’t give two fucks if you think deaf culture is beautiful and glorious and believe (wrongly) that we can do it all. You’re happy being deaf? Great, I’m glad for you, but I’m not happy being deaf and there isn’t anything you can tell me that’s going to change that fact.

You apparently don’t have to deal with missing sound, you don’t have to deal with not actually hearing music but rather just enjoy feeling it and being fine with that. You don’t have to deal with wanting to hold conversations with someone you really love because your partner probably signs. You probably don’t have that intense feeling of isolation and non-stop depression and constant thoughts of suicide because of how difficult it is to have long and meaningful conversations.

We get it, your life is rosey. Congrats. A lot of us weren’t dealt that hand in life and are unhappy and consider deafness a disability. I’m deaf, and I consider being deaf a disability, because it is. If you think otherwise, you’re welcome to buzz off and take that deaf culture bullcrap with you, I’ll have none of that stuck up, cultist like crap. And if deafness isn’t a disability, you’re welcome to stop receiving disability payments, jackass.

2 thoughts on “Deaf is Disabled

  1. I gather the consensus on deaf-disabiliy is pro-disabled IF the loss of hearing tends to occur after formative education as hearing, albeit HoH kids etc are in some limbo about it all. Loss equals disablement. I tire of reading those who never heard anything talking about how wonderful being deaf it all is, and some right, as if they chose to be that way. I suppose what you never had you never miss. The achille’s heel seems to be the duality of cultural claims in that to placate deaf activism, they insist disability is a plot by Doctors and ignorant parents instead. It is easy to suggest the hearing area is to blame for discriminating against them and not all signing to them as they have a right to, but it defies reality. Most of it is to keep recreating martyrs to their cause of cultural promotion, suggesting ‘everyone is against them’ plays well to people with poor access, and taught a communication that has considerable issue crossing divides and entails a lifetime of reliance on the very people they blame for their issue. There is hypocracy, to a man/woman they are ALL disabled when it comes to claiming welfare support or rights. I don’t dispute their entitlement, but they are playing both ends to the middle, because principles don’t pay the bills. Hard of Hearing and the ‘deaf’ (!) don’t get these allowances as the system acknowledges how serious deafness can be, sadly, the system has then assumed the UK majority with loss don’t deserve or merit that support instead, and cutting hearing aid and CI provisions, until the loss is so bad they then become entiled to some support. Thus leaving many 1,000s with issues for years…. The UK is still pouring millions into ‘helping the Deaf’, culture has paid real dividends. The Deaf, are still blaming them for what they still feel they are entitled to, and attacking CI’s, hearing aids, parents of deaf children, speech/oral use etc, presumably because if that carries on, less community to indoctrinate and less money for those pimping off the issues of sign. The logical follow-on is that it is all then discrimination and against human rights.

    1. I’m not going to say I disagree with anything you just said there, primarily because I actually don’t disagree. I’ve seen it first hand. I used to blame my mother and be mad at her for not getting me the CI’s and not putting me in a deaf school. These days I’m just upset she didn’t have me with the CI when she had the insurance capabilities because it would’ve been completely free to her due to how insurance companies see children being in serious need of hearing devices, then working age comes about and suddenly you’re no longer needing hearing help.

      Honestly, though, Deaf Culture needs to seriously buzz off. I’ve tried getting involved in Deaf Culture more than once and been run off each time by the toxic people they seem to like to coddle so now it’s their turn to make a move to get me involved. Not getting your deaf child a CI is child abuse regardless of how you spin it. I’ve been in that boat before as a kid and I know what it’s like and don’t wish others to be put in the same position. I’m a warning, not an outlier.

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