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When I go to theaters I turn my listening devices off because the theater is far, far too loud in the noises that I can hear.  A loud boom or explosion can hurt my ears.  And like with any movie theater in the back woods of Alabama, the theater doesn’t have subtitles in the movies nor closed captioning devices.  The others in my party can enjoy it with the sound while I miss a hell of a lot.  Being the fan of horror almost to a fetish, this is my take on Don’t Breathe on first impressions.

It starts out with this group of early 20’s adults that break into peoples houses and just steal stuff but for some reason decide to only steal so much rather than robbing the house blind, which I think would’ve been the smart move if you’re robbing someone already.  They target houses because one dude does this thing with a computer that has information about a home security company.

They find information about this blind guy that has a good chunk of money, and break into his house after googling his address.  They take off their shoes for some reason and walk around the place trying to avoid the blind guy.  Turns out the blind guy has a rape dungeon.

EvgeniT / Pixabay (Welcome to the rape dungeon, would you like cum with that?)

Chick already tied up in the rape dungeon tugs on some cord that rings a bell alerting the blind guy that she’s fussing around so he goes down to the rape dungeon and just shoots her because he can’t stand her making so much noise.

Blind guy eventually catches the female house robber and ties her up and then gets force fed his baby juice from a turkey baster.  Dude robber helps free chick robber.  They go for the money and try to leave, dude robber gets wrecked by blind guy.  Both males are now dead leaving chick and blind dude.

Chick ends up wrecking blind dude and leaves him for dead and escapes.  Blind dude somehow survived and police didn’t end up finding the blind mans rape dungeon somehow.

Was it a good movie?  Not really.  I strongly disliked how the bad guys (the robbers) had the attempt to make them out to being good guys by making the blind guy a crazy dude with a rape dungeon.  This movie would have been better if they removed the rape dungeon and just made it a survival horror trapped in the blind guys house trying to escape with or without the money just to save their lives.

PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay (How I see the characters introduced in the Aliens series)

By the time the movie whipped out the rape dungeon, I was rooting more for everyone in the house to die mutually rather than rooting for any particular group so thus killed any suspense the movie originally had.  It’s like watching Alien Resurrection in which they try to introduce all these various characters and their personalities when in reality we’re just getting a sneak peek at the buffet.