Let’s assume for a moment that you’re already on disability benefits, but every 3 to 7 years you go through a re-evaluation, even if you’re on a permanent disability like deafness, schizophrenia, dementia, Alzheimer disease, blindness, etc.  They don’t improve what-so-ever, but rather get worse with time.

So you’ve been receiving your disability benefits, and suddenly close to the end of the year you end up in re-evaluation time.  You look it up and give a sigh of relief, “Thank goodness, it’s harder to deny my benefits after already having them than to get on them.” But then December rolls around and you finally get your denial letter saying your condition has improved when you know it’s objectively gotten worse since you started receiving benefits.

What’s the deal here?

I’ll tell you what’s going on due to having insider knowledge from two someone’s that work at Social Security.  First thing is first, appeal within 10 days by going to a social security office and having someone help you fill out the appeal, and make sure you have them include to continue your benefits.  If you wait longer than 10 days of receiving the denial letter, they’re going to do a stop payment and you’ll not receive benefits until after the appeal is approved again.  This time frame is critical and your letter may not tell you this.

What’s going on here is there is an incentive for these people to deny as many people as they can.  Now most of these people working will generally approve all the re-evaluation cases that come their way when they see you’ve not gotten any better at all, or even if you’re only slightly better.  A lot of these people are generally good people who don’t want to see the disabled screwed over, they have enough of a heart to think about someone other than themselves and realize that we’re disabled and already have a hard time as it is.

Then there are others, who see the financial incentive for bonuses and kickbacks around Christmas time every year (the bonus thing is an all year thing but it’s worse this time of year due to greed).  Let’s say you’re in a situation where you’re denied like I was, well I found out from my insider who happens to know the case worker of mine personally.  My case worker is a single mother and admitted that she’s saved a bunch of cases to do rapid fire denials in December so she can get a good Christmas for her children.

My friend had asked her “Even for cases you should be aproving?  Like cases that haven’t improved or cases that show the person got worse?” and she admitted “Yeah, everyone”.  She literally denied me due to greed, caused me to hit rock bottom with my anxiety and depression and wanting to kill myself all because she wanted to get a good bonus so she can treat her vaginal turds to a good Christmas off the suffering of how many disabled people she screwed over?

I’m going to outright name my case worker.  Dixon.  Not giving her first name nor the location of where she works, but I’m suspecting she’s going to end up finding this.  Not enough info given to dox her at all.  However, my friend is reporting her to his supervisor and I’m appealing the decision.

The thing is that if I appeal, she loses my denial as a bonus.  Plus if I appeal and get approved, she gets a ding on her record.  What she’s expecting is what most people are likely to do.  They’re to receive the letter saying that they’ve got evidence of your condition being improved and that you can go back to work when you objectively cannot.  So when they see this letter, they’ll not bother appealing because they fear they’re just going to be denied all over again.

It’s sad but true, a lot of disabled are like that and I have no idea how many people Dixon has personally denied alongside me, but she’s aiming for a damn good bonus in her checks this month and she’s making a lot of disabled people suffer.  There’s likely to be several suicides due to her greed.

This sorry cunt needs taught a lesson, and that lesson is getting fired for Christmas due to her corruption and greed.  My friend is reporting it to his higher up, and I’m also complaining and demanding an investigation be held against her.  This sorry sack of inhuman shit has blood on her hands this month.  I hope her and her children go homeless and starve.

My friend has personally looked over my case and the evidence of my disability that was gathered and admitted I should not have been denied, says I objectively gotten worse due to the records.

Now you know.