geralt / Pixabay

This comes up on account that I was asked how I manage to edit videos without the use of sound.  I’ve stated before that with audio I have assistance of online friends that check it out for me and give me advice on what needs to be done with the audio, including helping me pick background music and the like, but when it comes to video itself, how do I manage to edit it?

Just like everyone else really, the difference is that while someone that can hear normally is able to have audible cues to tell you when and where to cut and what to splice together, I utilize visual aids in order to know the same things.

In my raw footage, even if I’m doing a first person POV recording, I will have a hand sign in front of the camera so I know what to chop, where each scene begins and ends, which take of a particular scene I’m viewing, etc.

This isn’t that different from that clacker board thing you see in professional video/movie production, just instead of a board with numbers and whatnot on it, I use basic handsigns that I understand to tell me what is what.  These hand signs are not ASL, nor are they BSL, they’re a custom home signing that I personally use and haven’t taught anyone.  This would be confusing for someone else editing the vdeos for me and if I were to hire a professional editor I would simply just end up changing from my unique home signs to something more mainstreamed such as an audio cue at the very least.

Hope that helps in understanding how I go about it.  My software of choice for editing videos is Kdenlive, however if I have to add special effects, my go to is Lightworks.  My editor changes largely depending on the needs of editing.