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Social Security of Alabama is rubberstamping denials on disability renewals that happen every 3 to 7 years. This is a hazard to the disabled who can’t work because they either wither away and die or commit suicide due to being unable to provide for themselves. The idea is that if they keep denying the appeals the disabled person will give up and lose their benefits and many actually give up trying due to how stressful it is. #journalism #news

The disabled that can’t work are going to die.  There really isn’t a difference between denying the disabled their benefits and coming to their home, putting a gun to their head and squeezing the trigger yourself.  The result is the same.

What is Pagination?

Pagination used in websites is the modern day version of pop up ads of the 90’s and early 2000’s.  You know the type.  With a clickbait title like “The reason your dog follows you into the restroom” and you have to click page after page after page after page after page ad infinitum until you finally get to the information you’re after which is “why does my dog follow me into the bathroom”.

Want to see bullshit pagination in action? This was tweeted as “So this is what it means when dogs follow you into the bathroom, I never knew this.”  Paginated Article.

Not all heroes wear capes.  (And why not install the Brave Browser while you’re at it?)

Checking for clues in pagination content by reading the comments section.

Why Pagination is so damn annoying

When you’re presented with an article, you want to read the article, not read one small snippet, then switch to another page to continue reading.  This is the age of the internet, not old BBS times.  We have the capability of loading a lot more information on screen easily and read easily today than we did back when we dialed into BBS’s on our C64’s.

So you read a little bit, click next page.  You do this repeatedly until you actually find the information you’re looking for.  This, in essence, is exactly the same as a website with excessively long loading times and as such I have a special way of dealing with websites that paginate the hell out of their content.

Why is this tactic used so much?

When you want to make a bunch of money on a website you run, you’re going to have ads on it.  The best way to increase ad impressions is to require people to load a new page per paragraph or sentence.  Each time they get you to click “Next” or “Continue Reading”, that’s fresh ad impressions raking in more ad revenue for themselves.  It’s a tactic of greed.  To hell with your time and bandwidth.

In essence, it’s done for a money grab.  Plain and simple.

How to Defeat this Plague?

Hit them in their bouncerate.  If you notice the site is paginated to hell and back, simply close the browser window or tab and leave a comment on the social media post.

Turns out a lot of people have the idea.  Someone is going to post eventually what that page says (as evidenced by the earlier screenshot answering the question of the original post).

I know it all sound super funny, and in all honesty it is.  It should be clear to note to NOT do this when you’re wanting to not piss off readers.  Sure there are a few people who think this kind of format is revolutionary, but that’s a small minority.  It just pisses the rest of us off.



Just goes to show you how much people hate this shit.  Read through comments of the social media post to escape pagination hell by seeing if someone posted the content you’re after in the comments.  Or take one for the team if it’s not there and find it and post it for them.  Once you notice it’s paginated, leave the page, look for comments.

Let clickbait merchants know that this shit will not be tolerated.

Screenshot from pagination hell website.

I finally have the Brave browser installed, set up, and set as my default browser now with all my old stuff from Iron and Waterfox imported into it.  Also have the cryptowallet set up and verified with my WordPress blog and my YouTube and Twitch channels verified.

I’m not expecting to see any financial gain from it, but eh, can’t hurt.

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We are deaf and disabled and needing charity.

When it comes us deafies, we often don’t like to be considered disabled or in need of charity, but the truth of the matter is, we are disabled and we often do rely on the charity of others, and charitable organizations.  It’s not so much that we need a hand out, but a leg up in society as often times we find it exceptionally difficult to find work, or if we do find work we find it difficult to get promoted and get raises and the like.

Deaf and Seeking Employment

I’ve had a recent experience with trying to find employment, having asked first hand with the management if they are willing to employ those with a hearing disability.  The management typically respond with the usual “Oh yes we hire people with disabilities”.  Then it comes down to brass tax of actually hiring someone with a hearing disability and suddenly places that are hurting for employees somehow magically no longer have any positions that need filled.  Amazing.

It’s times like that, when I’m actively seeking employment once again in my life because having a little extra money each month could and would definitely help me out, not just out of a sense of self fulfillment but also the financial gain of being employed.  Hell I’d be willing to lose my disability benefits if I could find a job that would employ me steadily full time and give me raises for good performance, and possibly promotions too, that would be nice too.

But alas, McDonalds, Taco Bell, Arbys, Checkers, Burger King, and numerous other places that I could mention within the last couple of months, have suddenly no longer needed any new employees the moment I showed up for an interview at a place that “hires the disabled”.  Even more fishy when after my interview a friend of mine tried getting on at McDonalds a couple days later (literally), got interviewed and ended up starting next week on Monday.  Amazing, they didn’t need help when I was interviewed but then needed help a couple days afterwards afterall.  I smell a lot of fish in this case.

mcdonalds fries
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The Discrimination Conundrum

Seriously, what gives man?  Is my hearing disability so drastic, even though I can clearly lip read well enough to hold a one on one conversation during an interview that I simply cannot be employed?  I really do want and need that extra little bit to help me out, both mentally for my own well being and financially to have that little extra spending cash.  I’m not some teenager only getting a job because his/her parents are forcing them to and they begrudgingly go to work or face the wrath of their parents.  Quite the opposite, I’m a full grown adult eager to be employed.  I really do want to work, honestly I do.

It’s issues with finding work like that which cause me to think maybe I should give up seeking employment yet again.  Yup, this isn’t my first round in seeking employment.  It’s excessively difficult to get a job.  I’m up front and honest about my hearing disability, informing them that I’m deaf, reason being is I don’t want it to become a surprise after I’m hired on, but that seems to be the only way to get a job is to hide my disability, which I shouldn’t have to.

I’m not requesting an ASL interpreter to be with me at all times, just simple jobs I can take care of without having the need to hear people holler things out.  I can alter the way I work in order to be able to fulfill my job tasks without the need for extra communication and without assistance from others.  It just means I take even more steps to make sure everything is to order and not out of stock (like grilling burgers at a fast food joint) or paying extra attention to screens and the like for orders.

Deaf and Charity

So without being able to get employment, what am I to do?  I have to rely on my disability payments coming in and I have to rely on the charity of others.  I don’t like having to run off every Monday to a local food bank to get help with food.  But I do it so I can make my money stretch as much as I can.  I don’t like the fact that where I can I get free clothes from various local charities.

I would much rather spend a little extra on food products, I’d rather be able to afford fresh produce each week and I would definitely love to be able to afford to go vegetarian, but processed meats in various foods is cheaper than fresh food and the food bank gives several packages of meats and sweets and breads every week.  Beggers can’t be choosers.

deaf question
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So the multi-billion dollar question is.  What do I do?  I could potentially do this thing where I run around selling misc crap to people out by selling them from their sympathy as is a common scam as mentioned by ATR on his blog about fake charity.  However I don’t mix well in public, and being a mainstreamed deaf, my ASL isn’t up to snuff.  I know it, but I’m not fluent in it and wouldn’t want to run the risk of being called a scammer when I’m not.  We have enough to deal with.

Do I throw out a paypal address and hope for the best, hoping that someone will have sympathy enough to donate the extra money to me?  Well that would end up making me feel worthless, which I already feel using food banks and doesn’t give me self fulfillment.  Though that is tempting, I highly doubt anyone would really open up their wallets to a rando on the internet.  I’m not big name personality and definitely don’t have the social pull to really get that kind of personal charity.

The Deaf Conclusion

So what I’m likely to do is to continue on with the status quo.  Continue going to food banks and local charities and keep receiving my social security payments.

What I want is a fucking job, but that seems out of the question, and my ethics in regards to hiding my disability feels too much like lying in order to get employed which is also something I don’t want to compromise on.

Thus, I will continue to be nothing more than a leech upon society.  I hate this about myself.

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Some deafs cannot hear anything at all, however this is not always the case.  There are plenty of deaf people that have residual hearing.  There’s a range from mild deafness to profound deafness.  Profoundly deaf means they don’t hear anything whereas a mild deaf is able to get by fairly well with lip reading and hearing aids.  Many times those with residual hearing as a mild deaf will also be so accustomed to their hearing loss that they can translate what they can catch audibly into actual language, which isn’t very accurate.

Needless to say there’s a misconception of the deaf that all deaf are profoundly deaf similarly they may believe all blind people see absolutely nothing.  Which both are not the case, it can be, but doesn’t absolutely mean that.

Just wanting to let that out.

It doesn’t have to be, quite frankly, it’s cheaper for insurance providers and even the governments themselves to provide hearing aids and cochlear implants than it is to not treat it and have to deal with all the other issues that arise from untreated hearing loss.  One such case being issues involving safety but also dementia.

Treating hearing loss allows for the hearing disabled to be able to work, and provide themselves with gainful employment allows for us to have a sense of self worth and fulfillment.

Other benefits include not being ostracized from our friends and family, slowly but surely losing family and friends due to it being too difficult to communicate with us.  Social isolation.  Loneliness is a terrible thing to have to deal with and one of the things so many of the elderly have to deal with, largely in part due to hearing loss.  The young with hearing loss experience the same social isolation.

This is largely why I’m on social media so much, it’s easier for me to communicate with others and make friends.  It shouldn’t have to be like this.  I should have proper hearing treatment so that I can go to social gatherings and get togethers and enjoy social situations rather than dread them and avoid them.

I know lots of audiologists want to say that treating your hearing loss isn’t expensive, but the reality is, it freaking is expensive.  Any audiologist or ENT that tells you that treating your hearing loss is affordable is either out of touch with reality or is simply lying to you.

Professional grade hearing aids without Real Ear Measurements done on them are $2700 a pair, my insurance only covers $1400.  Not to mention the $20 per visit and they want me to visit often which I say screw that noise.  I’m not made of money to spend $80 a month on office visits plus payments on overpriced hearing aids that aren’t fit properly for my hearing loss prescription.

This is why I use the over the counter stuff from Britzgo and they’re cheap enough that I can afford multiple pairs to have reviewed on my YouTube channel.  It’s literally that cheap.  It’s not proper treatment, but at least it’s something and it does help a ton.  And I get the same benefit from them as I do those trial hearing aids I had, they sound the same, so what’s the point in spending thousands when I can spend a couple hundred?

That’s where I’m at at this point in my life.

Below is just a list of video topics I plan on covering soon.  In no particular order.  The OBS stuff is coming first.

How awesome 90’s cartoons were
The satanic panic of the 90’s
The Christian Lobby of the 90’s
The video games cause violence debacle
Doctor Strange Comic and the Christian Lobby
Marylin Manson VS The Christian Satanic Panic
Eminem blamed for School Shooters
Noise Gate and Noise Cancellation in OBS
How to do a marquee from text file in OBS

When it comes to communication with someone with a severe hearing loss, be them hard of hearing or deaf, background noise can play and important part in them being able to comprehend what you’re saying, not just proper and well enunciation.  Things like the noise of the road, car engine, TV, radio, MP3 player going, etc can make it exceptionally difficult for a person with hearing loss to comprehend conversations.

This is one of my own personal hells is going into a restaurant with my hearing aids in and realizing that they have music playing on some overhead speaker system throughout the place.  The additional noise I’m sure does add to the overall atmosphere of the place but quite honestly it’s a personal hell of mine causing me to feel isolated and away from the conversation, excluded even.

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve had issues with these kinds of places, going in and spending a good deal of money solely for the food and being unable to have any sort of conversations with my party of hearies.  Even without hearing aids, residual hearing is really needed for proper and accurate lip reading to be had.

For example, muting the 2018 YouTube Rewind at the beginning and without closed captioning, Will Smith says “If I contained your boobs rescind I would want porn nite and a dank ass brownie”.  Now as funny as that is, what he actually says is “If I controlled YouTube Rewind I would want Fortnite and Marques Brownlee” so unfortunately Will Smith isn’t talking about having actual porn on YouTube nor eating some dank ass marijuana brownies, as awesome as that would be, especially in that specific combination.

The quieter the background environment can be, the better off it is for the person with hearing loss.  And don’t get me started on places that have a jukebox.  Customers regularly walk up, fork in some money and pick an annoying as hell song which prevents me from being able to enjoy conversations with my party for an even longer period of time until it hopefully ends and becomes silent and hopefully without another jackass, inconsiderate prick choosing yet another song to make my experience a living hell.

I would like to ask stores and restaurants alike to ditch the music.  I’m there for shopping or eating, I’m not there to listen to a god damn concert.  Turn that shit off and let me enjoy the conversation with my party.  The background babble as it is is hard enough but the added music bullshit you play all the time only adds to the issue making it far, far, far worse.

If I wanted to listen to music, I’d have brought my own or have gone to a concert instead.  But I’m not at a concert, I’m at a store or restaurant, so turn that shit off.  If you really must be having music, put on some damn headphones and leave that shit out of my ears.

Thank you.


Deaf people with residual hearing and those who are hard of hearing having a hellish experience at your business establishment.


I use a relay operator to make phone calls, I’m not a telemarketer.  Stop hanging the fuck up on me when I make a phone call, my business is important to.  Sorry there’s a delay but that’s how it works.  Train your employees to better handle the deaf and hard of hearing that use relay operators to make phone calls and stop treating us like second class citizens already before I start lawyering the fuck up.

It seems counter-intuitive or wasteful to see your doctor even when you’re not sick, or at least not feeling sick, however there are routine checkups and physicals that medical staff perform to make sure you’re not sick with something that you aren’t feeling symptoms of.  You might not even know you have lung cancer until they do an X-Ray of your chest.

Seeing your doctor regularly helps prevent you getting bad off and will help improve your overall health because you’re seeing the doctor for checkups to make sure your blood pressure, cholesterol, etc are all under control and making sure you have other areas of your health all peachy.

Just because you feel fine, doesn’t mean you are.  It’s also perfectly fine to talk to your PCP about your mental health, if you’re depressed, suicidal, seeing or hearing things that aren’t there, or letting them know you often forget things too easily, too easily distracted, etc.

Also tell your doctor about all medicines you’re taking, including all OTCs including yes even multivitamins, cold medicines, etc.  Also give your doctor the information about other professionals you see such as audiologists, ENT’s, surgeons, wound care, psychiatric, etc so they can get records from one another and help work together to make sure you have the best possible care and that they’re not giving you any medications that conflict negatively with one another.

And as I’ve mentioned before, keep a portfolio of everything.

There’s a lot of delusions from people that you can make a good and honest income online, and the truth is, you really can.  However, most people seem to have an extremely unrealistic expectation as to how much they will make, let alone how fast they’ll make it.  Some have pie in the sky dreams that if they just start doing this one thing today, they’ll be able to quit their day job and tell their boss to go fuck themselves sideways and put a toaster with them in the bathtub.

The reality is, the internet is an attention economy and everyone is fighting for that attention. even just a misc blogger like myself that doesn’t put any ads.  Don’t quit your day job, sorry to burst your bubble.  Some people hit it off huge, but expect failure and learn from your failures and continue on.  Every millionaire and billionaire that’s self made weren’t successful their first time around.  They’ve failed numerous times.

I’m just wanting to make sure you’re aware not to quit your day job if you happen to be one of these people getting into affiliate marketing.  97% of those that get into that have pie in the sky dreams that’s getting bursted.  I call these folks “Statistics” because they’re the failures.  There’s a right way to do network marketing, and there’s a wrong way.  Most people immediately think of the wrong way and think it’ll work, it won’t.  Fliers aren’t going to work, selling to your family and friends all the time is just going to piss them off, and calling random phone numbers from the phone book is just going to make me want to find you and castrate you for wasting my phone’s precious minutes and/or data.

Or your sending tons of emails out to everyone you can, getting into link exchanges, etc.  These are all failures.

Notice how I have a blog about hearing loss.  Now, what do you think I would be most likely to be willing to buy from you.  Is it

A).  Chewable Vitamins
B).  Cigarettes
C).  Hearing aid Batteries
D). Cochlear Implant Batteries
E).  Supplies for hearing aids and cochlear implants
F).  C through E

The answer is F.  What do most people in the business try to sell me?  Chewable multivitamins, car insurance, health insurance, computer stuff, mcirophones, headphones, earbuds, ipods, Mp3 services, music services, etc.

The reason for this article?  The onslaught of spam as of late trying to sell me misc shit that I have zero interest in.  You should do a little demographic research before you try to sell some bullshit to me.  Maybe learn that I’m not going to be interested in your stupid shit in the first place.  Also realize this blog is a honeypot.  Oops.