Don’t expect to live off the internet.

There’s a lot of delusions from people that you can make a good and honest income online, and the truth is, you really can.  However, most people seem to have an extremely unrealistic expectation as to how much they will make, let alone how fast they’ll make it.  Some have pie in the sky dreams that if they just start doing this one thing today, they’ll be able to quit their day job and tell their boss to go fuck themselves sideways and put a toaster with them in the bathtub.

The reality is, the internet is an attention economy and everyone is fighting for that attention. even just a misc blogger like myself that doesn’t put any ads.  Don’t quit your day job, sorry to burst your bubble.  Some people hit it off huge, but expect failure and learn from your failures and continue on.  Every millionaire and billionaire that’s self made weren’t successful their first time around.  They’ve failed numerous times.

I’m just wanting to make sure you’re aware not to quit your day job if you happen to be one of these people getting into affiliate marketing.  97% of those that get into that have pie in the sky dreams that’s getting bursted.  I call these folks “Statistics” because they’re the failures.  There’s a right way to do network marketing, and there’s a wrong way.  Most people immediately think of the wrong way and think it’ll work, it won’t.  Fliers aren’t going to work, selling to your family and friends all the time is just going to piss them off, and calling random phone numbers from the phone book is just going to make me want to find you and castrate you for wasting my phone’s precious minutes and/or data.

Or your sending tons of emails out to everyone you can, getting into link exchanges, etc.  These are all failures.

Notice how I have a blog about hearing loss.  Now, what do you think I would be most likely to be willing to buy from you.  Is it

A).  Chewable Vitamins
B).  Cigarettes
C).  Hearing aid Batteries
D). Cochlear Implant Batteries
E).  Supplies for hearing aids and cochlear implants
F).  C through E

The answer is F.  What do most people in the business try to sell me?  Chewable multivitamins, car insurance, health insurance, computer stuff, mcirophones, headphones, earbuds, ipods, Mp3 services, music services, etc.

The reason for this article?  The onslaught of spam as of late trying to sell me misc shit that I have zero interest in.  You should do a little demographic research before you try to sell some bullshit to me.  Maybe learn that I’m not going to be interested in your stupid shit in the first place.  Also realize this blog is a honeypot.  Oops.

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