Tumisu / Pixabay

So I’ve been busy building myself on Minds and YouTube and I’ve not taken the time to focus so much on a website.  But now, website is in order and ready to start up and zoom.  Video creation on YouTube is a little bit of a pain in my backside because I strongly dislike speaking on account that I personally worry about how I sound, so I take great care in thinking about my words and sentence so I sound normal and hopefully eliminating the deaf accent.

Blog posts?  That’s easy.  I can type all day long without any issue.  I still intend to produce video content alongside writing in my blog, it’s just so much easier to type than to speak by a long shot.  And so, here I am!  Writing a blog!

The hosting for this blog is provided for free by Cloudaccess.net and honestly, they’re a pretty nice host.  They have paid services as well.  I’ll see how things end up overall, though things definitely seem to be going the route of keeping this host as it’s one of the better free hosts I’ve found.

But CryptoDeaf, Can’t you blog on Minds?

Yes, I can write blogs on Minds, very easily in fact, however Minds is sandboxed by Google due to Minds being completely free speech and since they refuse to censor political speech of people Google considers distasteful, my blog posts on Minds aren’t readily searchable by the internet at large and thus I’m further limited in being able to reach non-cultural deaf and hard of hearing out in the wild as easily there as I am with my own blog.  I still highly recommend using Minds regardless though.